Chinese astronauts to conduct extravehicular activities for second time

Photo/Jin Liwang (Xinhua)

The three astronauts are commander Nie Haisheng, a 56-year-old veteran who participated in the Shenzhou-6 and Shenzhou-10 missions; Liu Boming, 54, who was part of the Shenzhou-7 mission; and Tang Hongbo, 45, who is on his first space mission.

They also completed space science and technology experiments in multiple fields, said the agency.

The Shenzhou-12 space flight is Chinas seventh crewed mission to space and the first during the construction of the countrys space station. It is also the first in nearly five years after the countrys last manned mission.


Liu and Tang completed the first EVAs on July 4, accomplishing scheduled tasks including equipment installation and panoramic camera lifting, with close coordination between space and the ground, as well as between the astronauts inside and outside of the spacecraft.

The astronauts have successfully transferred supplies from the cargo craft, put the combination under management, and operated the mechanical arm, said the CMSA.