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Photo/Courtesy of Lamborghini

In the ce of the vigorous development of Chinese automobile brands, Lamborghini also feels the pressure. However, Stephan Winkelmann told NBD that, as Lamborghini is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, it has unique advantages that other brands do not have, such as lightweight solutions, leading internal combustion engine technology, and a digital platform that can be shared, which can enable Lamborghini to achieve transformation ster than other brands in the same segment.

As early as 2021, Lamborghini had already made a strategic transformation deployment for electrification, calling it Direzione Cor Tauri (Towards the Heart of Taurus). Stephan Winkelmann told NBD that Lamborghini is currently in the second stage of its electrification strategy, which is to go all hybrid by the end of 2024 and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50%. The goal of the future third stage is to launch the fourth all-electric vehicle product line by 2030.

Although we are going electrification, our models will not be developed for a single market. In the second stage, we will still retain internal combustion engines in many models, said Stephan Winkelmann.


When we see countless new energy vehicles on Chinese roads, we feel that the development of Chinas new energy vehicles is indeed very st, said Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Lamborghini to NBD.

As the first A-level international auto show to be held after the relaxation of epidemic control measures, the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show has brought together many domestic and foreign automobile brands, including Lamborghini, which unveiled its first HPEV high-performance V12 hybrid supercar, the Revuelto.

We believe that the Chinese market will become a leading market for the development of global automotive technology. If we lose the Chinese market, we will lose a key area for winning globally, added Stephan Winkelmann.bet365亚洲官网