Teslas lowerQQprice model will have global delivery that r exceeds Model 3

Teslas planned annual production capacity of 4 million vehicles for the low-priced model will be mainly distributed in North America, Germany and China, with 2 million vehicles to be produced in North America and 1 million each in Germany and China, sources said. In response, the person in charge of Tesla said we dont have a response to that.

Photo/Li Xing (NBD)

Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the China Passenger Car Association, told NBD that if Tesla launches a lower-priced, smaller model, it will effectively dominate Europe, Japan and other markets that prefer small electric vehicles, which will have a global delivery that r exceeds that of the Model 3.

April 7 (NBD) — As we head into 2023, the general publics interest in Teslas cheaper model continues to rise.

It is reported that Tesla is planning to launch a lower-priced car and is building a production capacity of up to 4 million vehicles a year.

However, NBD learned from Tesla that its new Gigactory in Mexico will be used to build models for the next-generation platform, and other ctories around the world will follow suit soon.

There is currently no official update on the new products beyond the information released on the investors day (March 2), said a Tesla staff on Thursday when approached by NBD.