Best Buy awards generous share incentives, with average of ¥4 mln to ordinary employees

Best Buy awards generous share incentives, with average of ¥4 mln to ordinary employees

Public information shows the number of people receiving stock rewards this time accounts for nearly 10% of the total workforce (1670 people) of the company.

To be honest, (the bonus) is already there, and its very good. Dong Yuhui said that Yu Minhong and Sun Dongxu had already talked to him since June 2022, the compensation I am receiving now is very high, which is in line with the executive level within the group, and I am very satisfied.

The remaining – employees received a total of 25.359 million shares of stock incentives, worth approximately HKD 740 million. On average, each employee will receive stocks worth HKD 4.87 million (approximately RMB 4.27 million).


Although the names of ordinary employees were not disclosed in this list, it can be confirmed that popular live-streaming star Dong Yuhui (former tutor) also receives stock incentives. According to STCN, in February of this year, Dong Yuhui expelled rumors about salary and benefits during a live broadcast.


East Buy(, the live-streaming platform of well-known Chinese online educator New Oriental Education, announced on April 11, 2023 that the company granted a total of 30,459,000 shares to – eligible participants as a reward on the day at HKD 29 apiece.

Among them, executive chairman Sun Dongxu received a total of 3 million shares, an equivalent of HKD 87 million (approximately RMB 76.32 million) based on the closing price of March 11. The companys founder Yu Minhong and CFO Yin Qiang received 1.5 million shares and 600,000 shares, which were worth approximately HKD 43.5 million and HKD 17.4 million, respectively.