lol电竞Pizza Huts app crashes following launch of Genshin Impact set meals

The first round of pre-orders for PizzaHut-GenshinImpact peripherals set meals began at 9:00am, and Pizza Huts app crashed less than 10 minutes after the launch of the package. The meals can be delivered straight to the customers doors.

This is the second collaboration between Pizza Hut and Genshin Impact following their successful partnership in August last year.

The crash of the app to some extent proves the popularity of Genshin Impact IP. On January 4th of this year, the hashtag #GenshinImpactTotalRevenueExceeds4BillionDollars# trended on Weibo.

According to mobile app data analysis platform Sensor Tower, Genshin Impacts mobile version has earned over $4 billion (approximately 27.68 billion yuan) in revenue since its launch in September 2022. In the January-November period of 2022 alone, the mobile version generated approximately $1.64 billion (approximately 11.32 billion yuan) in revenue.

Photo/Pizza Huts official WeChat account

Hashtags #PizzaHutGenshinImpact# and #PizzaHutcrashes# trended on Weibo in the morning of February 27.

In response to the hot sale, Pizza Hut China responded on Weibo that the pre-order for the set meal was ongoing and that the chain has removed the 30-minute payment window for confirmed orders due to payment congestion. Unpaid users must complete their payment before 10 p.m. today. Those who missed out can participate in subsequent rounds.

Each of the three set meals offered comes with the exclusive Genshin Impact Wings of Wind virtual item and a recipe for a special in-game dish. In addition to the virtual item, physical peripheral products will be offered.

Genshin Impact, developed by miHoYo, is an open-world action RPG where you, a traveler, drift from another world to awaken in the new land of Teyvat – a ntasy world where the seven elements flow and converge.

Two sets were quickly sold out, and many players complained about not being able to purchase. Three more pre-order sessions are planned on the day.