Xiaomi supplier fined 1 million yuan for whistleblowing first Mi Car model

In Jan. 2023, an auto blogger revealed the first model of Mi Car, including the front and rear bumper, decorations, and corporation details, which attracted wide attention on social media.

File Photo/NBD

The RD team of Mi Car has a workforce of over 1800 people and Mi Car is moving towards its mass production goal (2024), said Lin Shiwei, vice president and CFO of Xiaomi Corporation, at the Q3 earnings conference in 2022.

Feb.2 (NBD) — A supplier of Mi Car was fined 1 million yuan due to mismanagement of a draft of MS11, the first model of Mi Car, reported Yicai on Thursday citing an internal announcement of Xiaomi. The whistleblower has also been legally treated.

Xiaomis spokesman confirmed on Weibo on Thursday that the confidential materials were disclosed by a second-tier supplier. However, the draft was not the final version. Xiaomi will deal with the matter in accordance with the law.