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Gu Li, who started as a professional bridesmaid in 2022, is also a host for weddings, business performances and conferences. The more important part of weddings is to please the new couples. In Gu Lis eyes, as a bridesmaid, one must be miliar with the wedding process and take care of the bride. This is a very happy and mission-oriented profession.

The professionalism of professional bridesmaids is reflected in the clearly marked prices and the increasingly improved rules.

Some wedding industry insiders said in an earlier media interview that the growth rate of professional bridesmaid services is expected to reach 25% to 30%. A national standard service standard should be established to promote the healthy development of the niche segment.

In the first half of 2022, Chen Lele (alias), who wants to make some extra money in the leisure time of holidays, began to be a professional bridesmaid and has participated in more than ten weddings so r.

In this new profession, many professional bridesmaids are part-time workers.

At present, the professional bridesmaid service has been launched in Fuzhou, Tianjin, Guangzhou and other places. Yu Yuhua, who has been in the wedding industry since 2001 and runs a company in Fuzhou, told reporters that the company began to provide professional bridesmaid service in 2013.

In recent years, marriage ceremonies have become increasingly important among young people. Although bridesmaids are supporting roles in the traditionally valued wedding, they are indispensable, and the new couples are very picky about their bridesmaids. Under this market background, the professional bridesmaid service is becoming increasingly booming.

Every time I attend a wedding, I can witness strangers happiness, meet many friends, experience the customs of different places, which is very interesting, she said.

In ct, a good look is not what the new couples value the most. Chen Lele told reporters that bridesmaids need to understand the wedding process and the needs of the new people, create atmosphere, take care of the brides items, help the bride with different kinds of things. It is key to have strong organizational ability and a lively personality.