BYD to launch new heavyweight system Yun Nian

However, BYD didnt clearly explain the purpose of the system in the announcement, but explained the meaning of the two Chinese characters, Yun and Nian.

According to BYDs official Weibo account, its Yangwang brand has released the Yising technology platform, as well as the first mass-produced car built based on the platform – Yangwang U8, demonstrating the capabilities of the Yising technology platform in extreme off-road scenarios for the first time.

On March 23, Chinese carmaker BYD (SZ.002594) announced on its official WeChat account that the Yun Nian system will be released soon.

Sources were cited as saying that Yun Nian is an independently-developed heavyweight technology that would cilitate the intelligent development of new energy vehicles. Some Internet users speculated that the new technology could be a supercomputing platform, but from the literal sense, Yun Nian should be related to comfort, stability, etc. It might be a new chassis technology, similar to CDC electromagnetic shock absorption.

According to the information revealed on the website of the Trademark Office of China, BYD has registered a new trademark called Yun Nian.

In ct, the technologies announced by BYD every year have caused quite a stir, such as the previous blade battery and DM-i Super Hybrid.

As of the market close on March 23, BYD closed at 245.49 yuan per share, up 0.94%, achieving a market value of 714.66 billion yuan.