Apple CEO Cook visits miHoYo headquarters and takes photo with creator of Genshin Impact

Recently, Tim Cook kicked off his 2023 trip to China. He was invited to attend the China Development Forum, held in Beijing from March 25 to 27. In addition to essential business meetings, Cook has also been exploring various stores, attending meetings, and taking photos with different people.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, posted on Weibo today (March 30) saying that he visited miHoYo headquarters and shared a photo with the creators of the award-winning game Genshin Impact.

On March 26, Cook met with the team at theApple China Central Mall, Beijing.

As for Cooks visit to China, his itinerary was as follows:

Photo/Weibi account of Tim Cook

On March 28, Cook flew from Beijing to Shanghai and visited the training base of paraswimmer and triathlete Wang Jiachao. He also shared a photo on social media of him playing with Apple Watch with Wang Jiachao.

Cook said he was delighted to meet the creators behind the game, which has been a success on both iPhone and iPad. He thanked miHoYos outstanding team for demonstrating how to create immersive ntasy worlds for everyone on the App Store.

Photo/Weibi account of Tim Cook

Among them, miHoYos Genshin Impact reached its highest revenue in the past 11 months in February, returning to the second place in the global mobile game revenue rankings, and miHoYos mobile revenue increased by 18.5% month-on-month.

On March 30, #Tim Cook Visits miHoYo Headquarters# trended on Weibo and sparked discussions among netizens.

On March 29, in Hongkou, Shanghai, Cook visited Wang Peiyus Peking opera studio, enjoyed Peking Opera, and cheered for the young actors in Chinese. Cook expressed genuine joy for them and encouraged them to continue their studies with a bright future ahead.

On March 7, according to Sensor Tower, a total of 40 Chinese game publishers made it into the top 100 global mobile game revenue rankings in February, with a total revenue of $1.85 billion.

On March 27, Cook posted on social media that he was happy to spend some quality time with customers and team members at the Apple Wangfujing retail store, Beijing.

On the afternoon of March 24, Cook appeared at the Apple retail store in Sanlitun, Beijing.