ChinaQQEurope freight trains transfers 28% more goods in Q1 2023


The person in charge of the Zhengzhou Bureau of CRG introduced that the Zhengzhou Bureau provides customers with customized container loading and reinforcement plans based on the car model, and currently each container can transport up to 4 cars, greatly reducing the comprehensive logistics cost of automobile export enterprises.

Thanks to the booming development of the domestic new energy vehicle industry, new energy vehicles have become a new growth point for the volume of many China-Europe freight trains. We have specially launched a mode of whole-car export transportation for automobiles, and with the advantages of high timeliness, st transfer, and direct access to the inland of China-Europe freight trains, China-Europe freight trains (Xian) have become a new choice for car companies such as Geely and BYD to go global, said the person in charge of the Xian International Port Station.

China Railway Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as CRG) released data on April 10th, showing that in the first quarter, China-Europe freight trains operated a total of 4,186 times, transporting 449,000 TEUs, an increase of 15% and 28% respectively year-on-year. Among them, in March, China-Europe freight trains operated 1,488 times, transporting 162,000 TEUs, an increase of 31% and 52% respectively year-on-year. Since May 2022, the number of trains operated per month has exceeded 1,000 for 35 consecutive months.

On the morning of April 8th, with a long whistle, a China-Europe freight train (Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe) loaded with new energy vehicles slowly left the Tuanjie Village Station in Chongqing. These new energy vehicles will exit through the Alashankou Port and finally arrive in Duisburg, Germany.