Guangdong forms largest fuel cell vehicle industry cluster

The province is a major automobile manucturing base in China and has strived to develop the eco-friendly fuel cell vehicle industry over the years.

Guangdong currently has 39 hydrogenation stations while 10 more are under construction, the province rank first nationwide in terms of the number of stations.


File photo/Huang Xinxu (NBD)

The province is taking the lead in Chinas burgeoning fuel cell-powered vehicle industry and has formed the countrys largest fuel cell vehicle industry cluster, according to data released Wednesday during the UNDP Hydrogen Industry Conference 2021 in Guangdongs Foshan City.

South Chinas Guangdong Province has attracted more than 300 hydrogen energy enterprises with the total value of its hydrogen energy industry surpassing 10 billion yuan (about 1.57 billion U.S. dollars), local authorities said Wednesday.