Airworthiness evaluation of flying car Aerofugia AE200 begins

Flying cars are mainly used for intra-city traffic and short-distance intercity traffic, covering a distance of about 200-300 kilometers. Currently, cars are used in such a scenario, said Fei Lan, marketing director of Aerofugia. That is to say, the VofEI AE200 will take on the transportation functions of ordinary cars in the future.

April 6 (NBD) — The first meeting of aircraft Type Certification Board (TCB) for Geely Aerofugia AE200 electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) was held in Chengdu on Thursday, marking the start of the airworthiness evaluation of the flying car.

Photo/Chengdu Fabu

The future of flying cars will be unmanned. The driver will gradually evolve into the safety officer and the flying will be done by the aircraft automatically. Once its mass-produced, it will cost about two to three times the price of a private car, noted Fei Lan. In the future, it will be like hailing a car.

On January 30, Aerofugia, located in Chengdu High-tech Zone, completed the first flight of the Year of the Rabbit, which also marks the AE200 X01 series test flight verification work has entered a new stage. Citizens will be able to hail a flying car by 2030, said person in charge.

It is learned that AE200 is a solution proposed by Aerofugia for a low-altitude urban travel application. The aircraft is an all-electric eVTOL with 5~6 seats, meeting the needs of zero-emission, low-noise, and high-frequency commercial operations within and between cities.