Asia gaming facebookBYDs new automotive body control system Yun Nian to be fitted in Yangwang U8 fir

On the evening of April 10, BYD released a new intelligent automotive body control system, Yun Nian.


According to National Business Daily (NBD), the Yun Nian-P will be first installed in the Yangwang U8 and Yun Nian-A in Denza N7, and the Yun Nian-C has already been fitted in the BYD Han electric cars.

Wang noted that the Yun Nian system will be successively fitted in the flagship models of the Dynasty and Ocean series, and models under the Denza, Yangwang and personalized brands.

The Yun Nian product matrix includes Yun Nian-C (intelligent damping body control system), Yun Nian-A (intelligent air body control system), and Yun Nian-P (intelligent hydraulic body control system).

According to Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD, Yun Nian is the industrys first intelligent automotive body control system specially for new energy vehicles. It not only fills Chinas technical gap in this area and but also surpasses the competing products from foreign peers.

After the release of core technologies such as blade batteries, CTB, and Yising technology platform, BYD unveiled another heavyweight technology.

“The SF, the first model under BYDs professional personalized brand, will be equipped with the Yun Nian system, a person close to BYD said to NBD.

Yun Nian can sense the status of people, vehicles, and roads in real-time so that the vehicle can deliver comfort under complex road conditions, Wang said. In the most extreme case, even if a wheel lls off the vehicle, the vehicle equipped with the Yun Nian system can still drive smoothly, he added.