Huawei upbeat on Zambias digital transformation

While acknowledging that there was still more space to support the digital environment in Zambia, Phil Li, the Huawei Vice-President for the Southern African Region, said the current situation was encouraging compared to the past.


Huawei sees itself as part of Zambias future and it sees the recent investment in building a healthy and sustainable ecosystem will benefit many Zambian youths, he said.

He said the deployment of over 1,009 telecommunication towers across the country, the commissioning of the countrys first-ever data center as well as the first-ever 5G network launched in partnership with mobile service provider MTN Zambia, show that the company has been a strategic partner to Zambias ICT development.

In remarks delivered during a media engagement meeting, the official said there has been an increased number of people in Zambia using digital platforms in recent years but expressed concern that most of the rural areas remain unconnected.

Chinese ICT giant Huawei on Thursday expressed optimism that Zambia was destined for greater heights in its digital transformation agenda.

Under the partnership, Huawei will provide training to 500 students and 50 instructors in digital skills, construct a premier digital innovation hub to act as a center of excellence for ICT and establish a digital innovation scholarship under the patronage of the countrys president over the next four years.

He said the company was happy to be part of Zambias digital transformation through various projects such as the erection of communication towers in all parts of the country to enhance access.

According to the official, having more local people trained in ICT will go a long way in transforming the digital space in the country as well as contribute to the countrys economic development.

Photo/Zhu Wanping (NBD)

Simon Li, the Huawei Managing Director in Zambia, said the company has been a key partner to the achievement of some of Zambias milestones Zambia has achieved in the ICT sector.

According to him, the companys digital innovation leadership program, launched in collaboration with the government last month was a step in the right direction in building the digital environment in Zambia.