AG在线游戏平台OpenAI coQQfounder Greg Brockman compares AI to imperfect assistant that never sleeps at SXS


Brockman also talks about a dinner 7 years ago with Elon Musk and his co-founders at the Rosewood Hotel in Menlo Park, where they discussed AI and its future.

Comparing the technology to a group of assistants who arent perfect but willing and never sleep, Brockman said ChatGPT can help do housework for writing and coding, but also has the ability to add a more interactive environment.

OpenAI cofounder and president Greg Brockman, who helped start the company in 2022, spoke to an overflowing audience during a fireside chat at the panel.

We are a weird-looking company, conceded Greg Brockman, “We started as a nonprofit because we had a grand mission, but we did not know how to operationalize it. We know that we want to have AGI (artificial general intelligence) benefit all of humanity.

The thing that was very interesting was that as people start using it, we can see the gap between people thinking what was possible and what actually had been possible for quite some time. This may be the biggest takeaway.I really want our company to inform people, to make sure they know whats possible, and whats not, added Brockman.


March 15 (NBD)–South by Southwest conference (SXSW) 2023, a panel helping creative people achieve their goals, is held in Austin, Texas from March 10-March 19 of this year.


The technology (the model) behind ChatGPT was created almost a year prior, so it wasnt new technology. But the thing that they really did differently is that they did a little bit more extra work to make it more aligned. Secondly, they made it accessible and free to everyone with a super intece.

According to Brockman, ChatGPT would be most prepared to take over the types of jobs users do not want human judgment in the first place, such as content moderation.