bet365 appAfter Wang Huiwen and KaiQQFu Lee, Wang Xiaochuan also joins battle of GPT

Wang Xiaochuan File photo/Zhang Jian(NBD)

After ChatGPT went viral, another internet tycoon has entered the AI big model field with 50 million USD.

On April 10, Wang Xiaochuan, former CEO of Sogou, announced the creation of a Chinese version of OpenAI called Baichuan Intelligence in an open letter.

Facing this new journey, Wang Xiaochuan regards ChatGPT as an extension and sublimation of past experiences and couldnt help but feel emotional, saying that it feels like a lifetime since ChatGPT was released – days ago.

Public information shows that Wang Xiaochuan is the founder of Sogou and has led the development of products such as Sogou Search, Sogou Pinyin Method, and Sogou Browser. He pioneered the only successful model of catching up with industry leaders in the search industry, the three-stage rocket model, and promoted Alibaba and Tencents strategic investment in Sogou. After Sogou was officially merged into Tencent on October 15, 2021, Wang Xiaochuan announced his resignation as CEO.

Wang Xiaochuan revealed that Baichuan Intelligence has been established for less than two months and has already attracted the participation of many technical partners and leaders. By the end of April, there will be an elite team of nearly 50 people.

According to Wang Xiaochuan, after resigning as CEO, he focused on the fields of life sciences and medicine for a while. However, the explosion of ChatGPT made Wang Xiaochuan, who also comes from a technical background, excited. He not only praised OpenAIs success and the victory of technological idealism but also said, Sogous unfinished mission can finally be achieved after machines master language.