why its always the lens?:Analyst says only one model of Apple iPhone 16 series to be equipped with n

Cameras with periscope lenses have a more prominent performance in terms of telephoto, and before Apple, many Android manucturers have adopted this technology in their flagship models.

In response, some netizens commented: I guess the iPhone 17 series will be equipped with periscope cameras across the board, Same old, same old, To be honest, this feature is not that attractive, The only important things are the battery and signal, Why are they always a big deal out of the lens, can they first improve the basic functions?

Currently, iPhones are divided into the Pro series and the regular iPhone series, with the former being more prominent in terms of configuration. However, the two Pro models only differ in screen size, but their configurations remain the same.

File photo/Zhang Jian (NBD)

Feb.2 (NBD) — On February 1, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from TF International Securities posted on social media that only one model of Apples new iPhone 16 series for the second half of 2024 may only feature a periscope lens, which is lower than the expected two models. The demand for lens upgrades is lower than market expectations.