Douyin teams up with Tencent Video over joint promotion and recreation

Photo/Courtesy of the company

According to Douyin, short videos have become an important form of publicity and promotion for film and television works. Over the past few years, Douyin has helped many film and television works become popular, excellent content seen and loved by more audiences.

In July 2022, Douyin Group entered into a partnership with iQiyi to explore the secondary creation and promotion of long-form video content.

The integrated development of long and short videos has always been a hot topic in the industry. Recently, at the 7th China Online Copyright Protection and Development Conference hosted by the National Copyright Administration, Short and long video cooperation was included in the Top 10 Copyright Events in China 2022 issued by the Copyright Association of China. The development of short and long videos is complementary and mutually promotional, which has become an important trend to power the development of the audio-visual industry and help strengthen copyright cooperation among major short and long video platforms.

April 7 (NBD — Douyin Group on Friday inked a cooperation agreement with Tencent Video to jointly promote short and long videos and the creation of short video derivatives.


According to the agreement, Tencent Video will authorize long videos to Douyin that enjoy the right of information network transmission and the right of sublicensing. That is to say, users of Douyin Groups platforms such as Douyin, Watermelon Video and Toutiao will be able to recreate based on those videos.

In recent years, Tencent Video has created a considerable amount of good content in drama series, movies, variety shows, animation, etc., such as The Three-Body Problem, Half-Familiar Lovers, Left-handed Layup, etc., providing fresh sources for derivative creation of short videos.