Light Aroma Meets Danish Fairy Tales, Making Fenjiu Liqueur Chocolate Widely Known

Photo provided by Shanxi Xinghua Cun Fenjiu International Trade Limited Company

The general manager of Shanxi Xinghua Cun Fenjiu International Trade Limited Company said that the internationalization of Chinese Baijiu in the past is more oriented to the Chinese market. With the acceleration of internationalization, Baijiu needs to be truly oriented to the market of foreigners. The launch of such crossover brand products as Fenjiu Liqueur Chocolate is a sign that Fenjiu is really in building an international marketing channel. In 2022, Shanxi Xinghua Cun Fenjiu International Trade Limited Company will focus on the cultivation of C-end in the international market, realize cultural collision and brand interaction through collaboration with other excellent brands, and open a new chapter for internationalization.

Baijiu is a unique creation of Chinese people and a proud traditional culture in China. Shanxi Fenjiu, known as the source of Chinese liquor, the origin of light aroma Baijiu, and the root of Chinese liquor culture, has 6000 years of history, -0 years of history as mous liquor, -0 years of distilled liquor history, 300 years of brand history and 100 years of international history. It is a representative of Chinese Baijiu culture and light aroma Baijiu.

Photo provided by Shanxi Xinghua Cun Fenjiu International Trade Limited Company

The whole scene was full of distinctive style, and a blend of history and modernity. It brought guests a unique visual impact while also allowing them to immerse themselves in the cross-international and cross-cultural charm of Chinese Baijiu meeting Danish chocolate.

The press conference was held in Fenjiu-themed pop-up store. With the shape of a mysterious castle and iry tale, the site was divided into 5 zones: Fenjiu culture international communication history with cartoon interactive zone, Fenjiu Liqueur Chocolate tasting zone, Fenjiu cocktail tasting zone, photo shooting zone and Fenjiu international brand exhibition zone.

The worlds first crossover liqueur chocolate was officially launched. When the fragrant and sweet Shanxi Fenjiu was infused into the silky Danish chocolate, it stimulated the wonderful taste and brought more possibilities for the brand in a creative form, giving Chinese Baijiu a new path for internationalization.


Light aroma Baijiu has the typical international aroma, which is the most popular aroma type among westerners. Over the years, Fenjiu has been playing out the advantage of international aroma, from the export of products and brands, culture and standards, and continuously leading the internationalization process of Chinese Baijiu.

Denmark is a mous hometown of iry tales. Anthon Berg from Copenhagen, the hometown of Andersen, has always been a royal boutique for European royalty and nobility. With an ancient history of – years, it is the birthplace of liqueur chocolate. Anthon Berg has a special process for liqueur chocolate, which can maintain the purity and original flavor of the liqueur when it is directly put into chocolate.

The meeting between Fenjiu and Anthon Berg, the origin of Danish liqueur chocolate, is a crossover cooperation between the two brands. With Fenjiu putting into Anthon Berg chocolate, the fusion of two different flavors represents the collision between eastern and western cultures, which is innovative and gives new forms of Baijiu, showing a more unique and fresh taste. At the press conference, the media and participants gave high praise for the chocolate after tasting.

From January 1st to 3rd, Fenjiu Liqueur Chocolate was launched by Shanxi Xinghua Cun Fenjiu International Trade Limited Company at Huaxi Live, Wukesong, and the theme of this event is From Denmark, and the Heart is Fenjiu.

Some in the industry commented that the joint cooperation between China and the West also conveyed the diversified innovation spirit, high-quality positioning and internationalization direction of Fenjiu. This kind of crossover does not mean trial in other industries, but to get spiritual resonance between brands, to achieve deeper resonance and to develop new boundaries of Baijiu culture.