Optimistic about market, Intel CEO says he sees growth vitality

Technological development is an important way to achieve the transformation of a green economy, but the digital economy is also consuming more energy, which puts the digital economy industry in a unique position. Industry companies must jointly create a sustainable future.

At the Intel Sustainable Development Summit, Gelsinger also emphasized that the technology industry not only needs to seize the development opportunities of the digital economy, but also needs to fulfill its responsibility to address climate change.

He added, In the nearly 40 years since Intel entered China, it has achieved sustained and stable business development, and has also achieved great success in the industry over the years.



China plays an important role in Intels business strategy and business development. Intel has a long-term commitment to the Chinese market, Chinese customers, and partners. Patrick Gelsinger noted.

On April 12th, at the Intel Sustainable Development Summit with the theme of Working Together for a Sustainable Future, Patrick Gelsinger stated that Intel is very optimistic about the Chinese market and sees Chinas growth vitality.

Patrick Gelsinger, the CEO of Intel, began his first business trip to China after taking office as CEO of Intel.