2QQ5 years to go before major AI algorithms breakthrough:Tsinghua Computer Professor

It rose by 19.91% on January 27 alone and cumulatively increased over 32% in the past 5 trading days before Feb 1, sending its market value to nearly 100 billion Hong Kong dollars.


Deng told NBD that there are 2 to 5 years to go before a major breakthrough is made in AI algorithms.

However, there is still a big gap between its current market value and its 2022 high (nearly 250 billion Hong Kong dollars). And quite a few companies experienced the same.

Zhidong Deng, Professor of Computer Science, at Tsinghua University, also felt the market changes.

He believes that the AI market represented by deep learning is developed in the past ten years.

In the past few days, the stock price of SenseTime (00200. HK) has been rising continuously.

Photo/ChatGPT website

With the listing of representative companies such as SenseTime and CloudWalk, the capital market has given high expectations. A string of companies are working in the AI sector, from cial recognition to autonomous driving. But it is still difficult to see a commercialized product, so those companies are hard to make a profit , explained Deng.