survey:Online tutoring market booming in China


Online courses also spare parents the stress of taking their children to extracurricular training centers and bringing them back home after their classes, according to respondents.


English and math have proven the most popular online courses, respectively attracting 68.7 percent and 58.5 percent of surveyed parents, said China Youth Daily on Thursday.


A total of 1,523 parents took part in the survey. They mainly attributed the booming online tutoring market in China to the ct that the courses are immune to anti-COVID-19 measures.


More than 87 percent of Chinese parents have signed their children up for online tutoring sessions to supplement their education, according to a recent survey from China Youth Daily.





Entertaining classes that encourage kids to pursue personal hobbies were ranked third most popular, with the Chinese language coming in fourth.


Most respondents (83.5 percent) expressed positivity toward the quality of online tutoring, while just 0.5 percent expressed complete disapproval.


Their biggest concern was the impact of online classes on their childrens eye health, with 49.3 percent of respondents citing this issue.


More than 95 percent of respondents called on authorities to enhance scrutiny over online training platforms in terms of advertisement content, operation licensing and financial safety.