bond market issuances hit 5.17 trln yuan in July


Last month, issuances of financial bonds came in at 879.74 billion yuan, while corporate credit bond issuances totaled 1.12 trillion yuan.

Bond issuances in China totaled 5.17 trillion yuan in July, data from the central bank showed.

Treasury bond issuances amounted to 633.26 billion yuan, while local government bond issuances stood at 656.78 billion yuan, according to the Peoples Bank of China.


Issuances of credit-asset-backed securities stood at 26.47 billion yuan, and the issuance of interbank deposit certificates hit 1.81 trillion yuan.

By the end of July, outstanding bonds held in custody were at 124.6 trillion yuan, central bank data market issuances hit 5.17 trln yuan in July