Tencent, automaker Geely team up on expanding digital service

Tencent, automaker Geely team up on expanding digital service

The two companies will work together to realize industrial digitalization in terms of product development and research, manucturing, marketing, user operation and after-sales service.

Geely expects to improve user experience by upgrading its industrial chain through digital means, said An Conghui, president of Geely Holding Group and CEO of Geely Auto Group.

Chinese automaker Geely Auto Group and technology giant Tencent signed an agreement on Tuesday to carry out cooperation in various fields, including digital marketing, autonomous driving and low-carbon development.

Tencent will help Geely realize digital upgrading, sustainable development and low-carbon development, said Tang Daosheng, senior executive vice-president of Tencent, adding that the two companies will join hands to train high-tech talents.

Cooperation will also be conducted on the integration of mobile applications with multi-media services on vehicles and exploring opportunities in intelligent transportation.


File photo/Zhang Jian (NBD)

In 2022, Geely and Tencent cooperated for the first time to develop digital services on high-speed trains along with China Railways Investment Co., Ltd.