Listed companies on NASDAQQQstyle ChiNext top 1,000

The Shenzhen-based ChiNext was established in 2009 with 28 listed companies on its market. Over the past decade, ChiNext has seen a rapid expansion of listed companies, especially in the scientific and technological sectors.

The figure represents 22.55 percent of the total number of listed companies on Chinas A-share market.

In August 2022, the first batch of registration-based initial public offerings (IPOs) of 18 enterprises debuted on the ChiNext board, amid the countrys efforts to reform the capital market.



The number of listed companies on the ChiNext stock market, Chinas Nasdaq-style board for growth enterprises, had exceeded 1,000 as of Wednesday.


The total market value of listed companies on the ChiNext board has reached 13.55 trillion yuan, accounting for 15.86 percent of the total market value of Chinas A-share market, and second only to the NASDAQ.