Review: ‘Trials To Triumph,’ starring Freddie Stevenson, is an inspirational new sports documentary

Freddie Stevenson releases ‘Trials to Triumph’. Photo Courtesy of Gravitas Ventures

“Trials to Triumph” is a compelling new sports documentary. It will be released on May 2 on digital platforms via Gravitas Ventures.

The movie was directed by Dan Ratner, Greg Romano, and Misa Garcia. It is based on Freddie Stevenson’s bestselling memoir “Trials To Triumph.”

This documentary is the story of former NFL Player Freddie Stevenson and his meteoric football career (through high school and college), as well as the crash that followed, and his reinvention, which helped him rise up all over again.

Just when his football career came to an end, that was when he found his voice, shared his story, and used it to help make a positive impact in other people’s lives.

It is evident that it’s the moments of adversity that mold us and make us stronger in our most vulnerable times. This movie is recommended for anyone who is lost, confused, or seeking inspiration.

Allow Freddie Stevenson to lure you in and take you on his life’s crazy journey, which is quite a whirlwind.

This groundbreaking film “Trials To Triumph” also features other stories of struggle and redemption from such individuals as three-time Emmy award winning actor Maurice Benard of “General Hospital,” as well as football cornerback Delvin Breaux, and life coach and motivational speaker Tony Gaskins.

All of these aforementioned people were able to overcome the odds, and the audience will get to hear their authentic, honest, unscripted, and informed conversations.

All the stories in the “Trials To Triumph” documentary are intriguing and powerful. It deserves to be experienced by all, and it garners two giant thumbs up. Bravo.

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Review: ‘Trials To Triumph,’ starring Freddie Stevenson, is an inspirational new sports documentary
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