Op-Ed: All these wonderful cures that aren’t happening – Yet. Why not?

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If you read the constant crash of waves of new medical treatments every day, you get a bit cynical. Where is all this tech going? R&D? Some quaint useless academic niche? When does it become available?

I ask because the decades of reading this stuff are getting on my nerves. The Industry of Human Misery, previously and wrongly known as the health sector, doesn’t seem to be doing much else. …Except sending people broke, of course.

The idea seems to be “As long as nobody can afford it and insurance won’t cover it, we’ll put it on the market.” These people are then sent away with mysterious pains and constant anxiety. It’s almost as bad as a political chat show, except the medical outcomes might have the decency to kill you.

This revolting situation is getting a lot more relevant with new nano and biotech developments. This is new generation stuff; nanobots so you can live forever and targeted bacteria to painlessly destroy cancers, etc.

Well, who’d want to know about that? Obviously not the sector marketing geniuses. They’ve long since convinced everyone that health is something they will never be able to afford.

The thinking at the scientific end has a few issues, too. With the “eternal nanobots”, your health condition is monitored “by the cloud”. Any security risks, do you think? What if hackers get in and kill millions of people with some added software? Corporate culture, that other disease, has an input to this as well?

The “targeted bacteria” are the result of a long list of previous “magic bullets”. Unlike in the past, these can actually be loaded and fired and hit targets. It’s anyone’s guess whether these things will ever get on the market.

Don’t think of it as a disease. Think of it as someone’s new tacky smug little mansion. It makes more sense in practical terms. Some mindless schmuck will make money out of it. Isn’t that nice?

This slopfest of an alleged health sector has created a credibility gap unlike any before it. Thanks to a generation or so of totally illiterate political psychopaths, they’ve had an easy ride. Meds that don’t work, money laundering of pharmaceuticals on a global scale, massive tax evasion, you name it; it’s all there to be despised.

America has filled an average of 4 billion+ prescriptions per year since 2013. 300 or so million people did about 1400 prescriptions per person in one year. That’s not even worth mentioning in the media, which has better things to do, like recording every nuance of an obsolete egomaniac fat brat wasting everyone’s time and getting more coverage than an actual war.  

Health has become just another organized crime, in effect. It’s a form of genocide. As usual, nothing is done about it. It’s an accepted fact. The most heavily medicated and sickest country in the world allows itself to be robbed blind.

Well? No, you’re probably not. And you never will be as long as this disaster continues.



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Op-Ed: All these wonderful cures that aren’t happening – Yet. Why not?
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