Covid-driven demand for in-ground pools: Eddie Karram’s timely launch of Bellareed pools

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Due to the world-altering influences of the COVID-19 pandemic, an unexpected trend emerged that transformed the way families and individuals seek solace and entertainment within the confines of their homes. During the scorching summer months in particular, the global health crisis forced people to rethink their recreational activities, especially with public pool shutdowns and travel restrictions in place.

Faced with extended periods at home, families had to find ways to enhance their living spaces and create an at-home haven to preserve some peace of mind during troubling times.

The answer for many lay in the newly emerging allure of in-ground pools, which not only provided a respite from the summer heat but also served as a safe gathering place for loved ones. As the world adapted to the new normal, the demand for in-ground pools skyrocketed, and within a short time, it became evident that this surge was here to stay.

The desire to create a secure and enjoyable environment within one’s property fueled the pool construction industry, with companies like Bellareed at the forefront of this transformation. Eddie Karram, the founder and CEO of Bellareed, recognized the potential this surge in demand held, as it not only revealed a strong inclination toward personalizing outdoor spaces but also highlighted safety and the enduring appeal of resort-like experiences at home.

“As devastating as the pandemic was, it also served as a powerful reminder that industry practices and business models were in dire need of change,” Eddie says. “When the pandemic hit, I had actually retired from the construction industry and was working in a completely different field. But, as I watched the world change and people confine themselves in their homes, myself and my family included, I knew that a shift across markets was underway. It was necessary.”

Interestingly, Eddie started the Bellareed company rather spontaneously. After he agreed to build a pool for a friend in order to escape his everyday confinement at home, Eddie was approached by another potential client in the middle of the construction project.

“Recognizing this trend, I saw a lucrative opportunity to establish a company that focuses on bringing a slice of paradise to people’s own backyards since traveling and socializing outside the home seemed less appealing,” he explains.

Bellareed prides itself on its ability to deliver remarkable results within an extraordinarily short time span. Unlike their competitors, who typically take somewhere between 18 and 24 months to finish the construction and rely on subcontractors to complete each phase, Bellareed has changed the game by bringing the entire process in-house. This allows the company to have full control over the timeline, schedule, and quality of the project.

“When we first started, we quickly gained attention because customers didn’t want to deal with the chaos of construction in their backyards for an extended period of time.” By providing a swift and efficient solution, we attracted a substantial customer base, which put our company on the map,” says Eddie. As the company continued to excel in this approach, they expanded their services to two states: Georgia and Tennessee.

On top of their quick and exceptional delivery, Bellareed has set itself apart further by extending their services beyond swimming pools. They provide a comprehensive leisure experience, having added cozy seating areas and elegant outdoor kitchens to their offer—a business move that positioned the company as the go-to destination for individuals and families seeking to enhance their outdoor living spaces.

As communities gradually navigate the post-pandemic era, the popularity of in-ground pools continues unhindered, but the Bellareed team is not concerned regarding their ability to deliver the best results.

“Our business model is based on the desire to provide our clients with a comprehensive entertainment experience. We want to lift all the worries off their shoulders by also minimizing the risks associated with pool areas and giving them a safe haven within the premises of their homes,” Eddie says.

Covid-driven demand for in-ground pools: Eddie Karram’s timely launch of Bellareed pools
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