Op-Ed: Trump – The Unspeakable vs the Unbeatable, and when does it end?

Former US president Donald Trump took hundreds of classified documents with him after leaving the White House, according to the indictment – Copyright AFP YAMIL LAGE

I am no fan of Trump. America has more than enough problems without him as well. He’s made it much worse. This is the guy who hyper-polarized America. Every press release seems to try to start a civil war. This indictment is simply the inevitable result of years of his own behavior.

Where do you start? His track record bleats for itself. For most of his life, Trump had nothing much to say on any political subject. He was a registered Democrat. In the blink of a pigsty, that changed. The Republican party rolled over like a dried-up animal dropping on a summer’s day and made him President. There is now no longer a credible Republican party.

He spent most of his “presidency” antagonizing allies who’ve fought in American wars for a century. His idea of a good deal included giving Afghanistan to the Taliban after two decades of war.  They really couldn’t have done it without him.

He said COVID was a hoax. The global death toll was in the millions. He gave tax breaks to a class of rich people who are famous for evading taxes. He clogs up American courts like nobody else ever has. He invented the idea of “fake news” which poisoned the world and other invaluable intellectual property.

He has a track record of systematic self-destruction in business. His businesses seem to be virtual random number generators of values. Is he even solvent? How would anyone know, or be able to find out? Failed Trump business ventures are uncountable without a barf bag.

A lot of his former aides are convicted felons. Fired Trump appointees could fill a casino or several. The sheer numbers of Trump lawyers alone are incalculable. Anyone associated with him, animal or mineral, political or corporate, has ongoing problems.

…And here he is, on his second indictment for this year. It very probably won’t be the last. Nobody knows what Georgia will do yet. That doesn’t include all the civil cases.

This is a dead horse flogging itself, and as usual, at America’s expense. Millions are being spent on defending and prosecuting a buffoon who says he’s greater than Washington and Lincoln.

The only question now is when it ends.  This can’t go on, and he can’t go on. The guy is a talking disaster in progress. He’s stale. He’s rehashing his own rhetoric, and everybody’s heard it before. Everything’s about him. He goes nowhere and calls it leadership. He’s a noisy, boring, 77-year-old plutobrat. So what?

He can’t “win” this situation. There’s a Super Bowl of lawsuits against him. At least 50% of Americans didn’t and won’t vote for him.  Game over.

It’s time for Trump to go, and take his Freak Show Of Failures with him.

Op-Ed: Trump – The Unspeakable vs the Unbeatable, and when does it end?
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