Review: Emma Zander releases her new single ‘Not a Fairytale’

Emma Zander. Photo by Sara Kahn.

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Emma Zander released her latest single, “Not A Fairytale,” which was produced by Jon Lundin.

The lyrics of “Not a Fairytale” are pure poetry, and Zander is not afraid to be raw and vulnerable. “Not a Fairytale” tells the melancholic tale of how the most toxic relationships can be the most intoxicating, and rightfully so.

Particularly impressive about the tune was that it was written on the heels of a failing romance. The song is a sexy and moody reckoning with what was real vs. what was entirely fantasy.

Through the writing process, the songstress was able to recognize the reality of the situation for what it was (indeed not a fairytale, to quote its title) and reclaim her power by taking control of her own narrative.

Vocally, the listener can recall such artists as Lorde meets Emma Hewitt and Tristan Prettyman.

Zander allows her crisp and crystalline voice to shine throughout. It has a retro and reflective vibe to it that listeners are bounds to find sincere and relatable.

This palpable and bittersweet song is a beautiful love story that once was… set to a hypnotic and eerie beat that sweeps listeners into a dream world that distorts our sense of reality. It encompasses elements of pop, indie, alternative, folk, and adult contemporary music.

“Not a Fairytale” is available on digital service providers by clicking here.

The Verdict

Overall, “Not a Fairytale” by Emma Zander is worth checking out. It is far superior than most of the cookie-cutter and overproduced songs that are played on the contemporary radio airwaves these days (that will be forgotten in the next few weeks). Emma Zander’s mellifluous vocals are pure as the driven snow.

“Not a Fairytale” is a meaningful tune that transports listeners to different realms. It garners two giant thumbs up.

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Review: Emma Zander releases her new single ‘Not a Fairytale’
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