Review: Nightly brings their ‘Wear Your Heart Out’ Tour to New York City

Nightly performing live. Photo Credit: Alex Alvga

On Thursday, November 9, alternative pop-rock trio Nightly brought their “Wear Your Heart Out” Tour to Racket NYC.

They took the stage a little after 9:15 p.m. and they played for a sold-out venue for the second consecutive day.

Nightly kicked off their set with their infectious single “Wear Your Heart Out,” which was an adrenaline rush, and it was met with a raucous response.

They immediately broke into the spunky “Shirt” and “On Your Sleeve.” “The Feeling” stood out melodically, vocally, and lyrically.

After “The Movies,” the segued into “Radiohead,” which has a stirring vibe to it. Nightly interacted well with their fans throughout the evening.

It was followed by “It’s Not Your Body” and the carefree “My Boys.” The Knox collaboration “Miss When You Missed Me” was sheer bliss, and it resonated well with the audience as Knox showcased his crisp vocals.

To everyone’s surprise, the inclusion of “Black Coffee” was a real musical treat.

It was neat to hear Nightly play more new songs from their latest studio offering “Wear Your Heart Out” such as the acoustic “Whiskey Part 2,” the liberating “Naked,” the melodically-stunning “Navy Blue”; moreover, “Pink Starburst” is bop and they are able to take their listeners on am musical journey via “Love Somebody.”

After the atmospheric “Twenty Something,” they returned to the stage with the nonchalant “Hate My Favorite Band,” and on a fitting note with the uplifting “Like I Do,” where they left their rowdy New York fans wanting to hear more.

The Verdict

Overall, Nightly soared at their headlining show at Racket NYC. Their concert was high-energy and a great deal of fun. Their zest for their craft was evident over their entire set. It is recommended that one sees them live when they come to town.

Nightly deserves to become the next big band in music. Their live set garnered two thumbs up.

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Alternative pop band Nightly. Photo Credit: Zach Pigg

Review: Nightly brings their ‘Wear Your Heart Out’ Tour to New York City
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