From Shanghai’s artistic alleys to global digital world: motion graphics designer Chanjue Yu’s meteoric rise

Photo courtesy Chanjue Yu

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Life is punctuated by pivotal moments that redefine people’s paths. Whether it’s an advantageous job offer or an encounter that blossoms into friendship, these events can turn their worlds on their heads, ushering in a mix of challenges and joys.

For Chanjue Yu, a talented motion and graphic design artist at MAJORITY, a financial services company recognized for its innovative approach, such a moment was less about drama and more about quiet realization and courage. While working at a prestigious branding design firm in China, Yu’s path took a decisive turn, leading her to a momentous decision to move to the US that would reshape her future.

Yu is a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Graphic Design) graduate from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. Her education there laid the foundation for her unique design ethos. She pursued her Master of Fine Arts at Savannah College of Art and Design in the US. With nearly 175,000 Americans working in motion graphic design, Yu successfully made her mark in the industry, integrating her rich cultural background and unique perspective into her creative work.

A Seamless Blend: Bridging East and West

Yu’s move to the US was a bold leap into unfamiliar territory. She grappled with adapting to new cultural dynamics and the brisk American lifestyle. Yet, these very challenges sharpened her resolve and refined her vision. Her designs, deeply influenced by Daoist principles, balance serenity and dynamism. Her unique perspective as a Chinese designer became her strength, allowing her to bridge cultural gaps and create designs that spoke a universal language.

The motion graphic designer’s work showcased on her website and Instagram page, is a dialogue between the contemplative East and the progressive West. Her designs exhibit a natural elegance and equilibrium while incorporating the West’s avant-garde expressions. This foundation yielded a compelling narrative of art that transcends time and place.

She explains, “I want to capture the ephemeral beauty of the ordinary, transforming fleeting moments and everyday observations into a canvas that pulsates life and shares them through social media.”

According to Yu, the surrealist influence in her use of color and form gives her viewer an awareness of the visual narrative. These elements are meticulously crafted to stand out and elicit a meditative engagement, inviting onlookers to delve beyond the surface and touch the spiritual essence in her art, a moment of introspection and profound connection.

“Rather than being tethered to specific motifs or constrained by conventional narratives, I allow my inner experiences—be it a spark of humor or a moment of wonder—to guide my artistic expression,” Yu adds. This freedom results in animations that are not merely a feast for the eyes but a complement of emotions and thoughts, each frame infused with the immediacy of the present moment. 

Motion Graphic Design Animation During Trying Times

Yu has created a lot of eye-striking visuals, yet the one she made during the pandemic is exceptional. During the challenging times and uncertainties, “An Honest Meditation” emerged not just as a visual experience but as a piece that resonated deeply with the collective yearning of the people for joy and humor. 

“An Honest Meditation” is more than its title suggests; it’s a visual journey that invites the audience to pause, breathe, and find a moment of calm amidst the chaos. Yu’s choice of soothing colors and gentle movements in the animation offers viewers an escape from the relentless stress and gives them space to engage with their innermost feelings. 

This piece is a testament to Yu’s empathetic skill as an artist; it demonstrates her acute awareness of her audience’s needs and her intent to use her platform as an accessible source of healing and reflection. It highlights the profound capacity of art to transcend the digital divide, proving that even as the world stood apart, the motion graphic designer’s work could bring it a little closer together. 

The motion graphic designer describes “An Honest Meditation” as “a chance to encourage, to create a shared space for quiet contemplation.” The animation received significant recognition from industry professionals, earning multiple awards, including the Red Dot Best Design Award, the Annual Newcomer Award, and the Young Ones Student Award.

Art with a Purpose

In an increasingly connected world, where the exchange of information is vital, Yu harnesses the influence of motion graphic design to transcend linguistic and cultural barriers, fostering a globally informed community. By focusing on the inclusivity of her content, Yu ensures that her work is accessible to a broad audience, reflecting the mosaic of cultures that define modern society. 

Whether in the US or China, Yu’s commitment to using motion graphic design as a platform for cross-cultural communication reflects her journey as a global citizen and an artist. She actively participates in the diversity dialogue through her work, ensuring that her designs speak a universal language that resonates with people regardless of their cultural background. This approach elevates her standing as a designer of international repute and solidifies her contributions as socially impactful. 

She mentions, “I take pride not just from the aesthetic appeal of my projects but from the ripples of understanding they create. When people see my creations and learn something, that feels like a reward, my pride, and joy.”

From Shanghai’s artistic alleys to global digital world: motion graphics designer Chanjue Yu’s meteoric rise
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