Caleb Polaha talks about his upcoming concert in New York

Singer-songwriter Caleb Polaha. Photo Credit: Captured by Carleigh Photography

Singer-songwriter Caleb Polaha chatted about his upcoming show in New York at Drom NYC on December 10.

Drom NYC concert

“The show at Drom is going to be a really good one,” he foreshadowed. “I can’t wait to do a live show in New York City. I’ve come up with a set that I’m really excited about. It’s going to be totally acoustic, just me and a guitar.

“I’m going to take the audience through my journey as a songwriter in the hour and a half that we’ll have. Starting from my first song and going all the way through to my latest one,” he added.

The Listening Room in Nashville

Most recently, he performed at The Listening Room in Nashville, where he shared the stage with Paul Greene and Riley Weston.

“The Listening Room was great. It’s an incredible venue, it’s world class, and being able to play in it was awesome. I loved being able to play some of my music for an incredible, live audience in Nashville, Tennessee,” Polaha said.

‘Mississippi Moon’ song

On his song “Mississippi Moon,” he remarked, “Having ‘Mississippi Moon’ out means a lot to me because it’s one of my favorite songs that I’ve written. I’m so grateful for everyone who has listened.”

“Mississippi Moon” is available on digital service providers by clicking here.

Future plans

On his plans for the future, Polaha said, “I’m working on getting an album recorded at the moment. I’m currently searching for the right producer, and from there we’ll record and then I will put the album out.”

“I can’t wait until it all comes together so I can share these songs I’ve been working on with the world,” he said.

‘The Whole Night’

He also discussed his song “The Whole Night.” “Seeing how people responded to it was awesome. I hadn’t put out music before that song, so the fact that people just jumped on board and started listening was incredible,” he said.

“The crazy thing is that the streams continue to climb, so I’m so incredibly grateful to everyone who is actively listening,” he added.

For his fans and supporters, Polaha expressed, “I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who is listening to my music, coming out to see my shows, and supporting me in any other ways.”

“I’m blessed to have you in my corner and I can’t wait to keep putting more music out there for you to listen to,” he concluded.

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Caleb Polaha talks about his upcoming concert in New York
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