Review: Kellan Lutz seeks justice in the action thriller ‘Due Justice’

Kellan Lutz in the action film ‘Due Justice.’ Photo Courtesy of Saban Films

Actor Kellan Lutz (“The Twilight” franchise) stars in the action thriller “Due Justice,” where his character Max attempts to seek justice.

The movie will be released in theaters, On Demand and Digital on Friday, November 24, 2023, via Saban Films, which coincides with Black Friday.

It is written and directed by Javier Reyna (“Ruthless”). In addition to Lutz, the film stars Jeff Fahey (“Lost”) and Efren Ramirez (“Napoleon Dynamite”).

The synopsis is: Max (Kellan Lutz) experiences a devastating loss when his beloved wife is brutally murdered in a cold-blooded act of violence, and then, he goes on a mission to find if his missing daughter is still alive.

Max is consumed by grief and driven by revenge, so he embarks on a relentless mission to hunt down those responsible.

Lutz layers in emotions well as Max, and his acting runs the gamut in this action film. Equally noteworthy is Ramirez as Santiago, and Jeff Fahey as the nefarious Ellis.

A true standout yet gut-wrenching moment in the movie is the interrogation scene early on between Max and Santiago (where Santiago subsequently turns the tables of him).

Javier Reyna gives each actor his or her own characterization, so it is rich in character development as the movie progresses. It is expertly shot and edited, and the multiple twists and turns will keep viewers at the edge of their sets.

Kellan Lutz delivers a career-best performance in “Due Justice,” and everybody in the cast brings something unique to the table. Lutz is not afraid to be raw and vulnerable, and he leads the pack in what must perhaps be his greatest performance yet as an actor and storyteller.

“Due Justice” has a retro ’80s and ’90s action thriller vibe to it. The viewer can recall “Under Siege” meets “Changeling” meets “Fast & Furious” with elements and atmospherics of “Sound of Freedom” and “Syriana.”

Whether they were intentional or not, there are a lot of motifs in this film (if one pays close attention to items in the background), and it is rich in symbolism.

The Verdict

Overall, “Due Justice” is a compelling thriller from start to finish. Kudos to Javier Reyna for his artistic and creative vision in bringing this film to life. It encompasses elements of mystery, suspense, action, and drama.

“Due Justice” is worth more than just a passing glance, and it garners 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Review: Kellan Lutz seeks justice in the action thriller ‘Due Justice’
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