Review: Afrojack performs at The Great Hall at Avant Gardner in Brooklyn

Afrojack performing live at Brooklyn Mirage. Photo Credit: Chris Lavado

On Friday, November 17, Afrojack performed at The Great Hall at Avant Gardner in Brooklyn, New York.

This was a specially curated show, which celebrated the Winter Festival. Themed production elements and decor made this a memorable night.

A Grammy award-winning artist, Afrojack played for a sold-out venue. He shared the stage with such artists as Jon Gue and Alyx Ander, both of which were able to warm up the stage for him. Danx performed a closing set after Afrojack’s performance.

Afrojack went on to play a three-hour set, which included some new songs and remixes, as well as his older hit tracks, which were well-received by all.

In particular, his latest song “Push It” featuring Hardwell and MERYLL was quite the upbeat banger. “Push It” is available on digital service providers by clicking here.

Most recently, Afrojack ranked No. 7 on the 2023 Top 100 DJs poll, which was compiled by DJ Magazine, thus proving that his music is still as relevant as ever even in this competitive industry.

While the weather was slightly chilly outside, in the actual Great Hall venue it was quite hot as everybody was dancing, clapping, and jumping along with Afrojack. He had the Brooklyn audience in the palm on his hand.

Afrojack commanded the stage well, and there was a lot of musical variety in his set, where he was able to blend in many subgenres of electronic dance music. His live show at The Great Hall was feel-good and a great deal of fun.

To learn more about Afrojack and his music, follow him on Instagram, and check out his official website.

Review: Afrojack performs at The Great Hall at Avant Gardner in Brooklyn
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